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2nd International Conference on Complications in Neurosurgery 2019 (ICCN 2019)

  • Venue: JW Marriott Sahar
  • Location: Mumbai View Map
  • Start Date: January 25, 2019
  • End Date: January 27, 2019
  • Abstract Submission Deadline: October 31, 2018
  • CME Accredited: Yes
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  • We have on record that 383 Delegates participated at the 1st International Conference on Complications in Neurosurgery (ICCN), from March 3-5, 2017 at Hotel Taj Lands End, Mumbai. The Conference achieved its goal of highlighting the fact that complications are an inevitable part of neurosurgery (or for that matter any surgery). Though unfortunate and sad, it has many lessons to learn from, and if one did, the negative impact of the complication would be, to some extent, absolved. While conceiving this Conference, there was apprehension that very few would volunteer to come on stage and discuss their complications. On the contrary, our experience at that Conference was the amazing enthusiasm on the part of neurosurgeons to come forward and share their problems, difficulties and mistakes. Since there was no discussion on “good things”, everyone was on an even platform eager to share their experiences and learn from each other. At the end, they felt vindicated for having experimented with this idea that proved to be of immense value to all. We did experience some shortcomings in the sense that the program was very tightly packed, leaving little time for discussion. The 2nd ICCN is just six months away, and will be held from 25th – 27th January, 2019 at JW Marriott, Sahar International Airport, Mumbai. In order to make this an improved version of the 1st, we will cut down on didactic lectures and allocate more time for discussion. We intend to retain the basic form of discussing complications pertaining to individual sub-specialities of neurosurgery. There are two sides of the coin of Complications, 1) anticipation or prevention, and 2) recognition and management. We would, therefore, dedicate the first day to discussing the aspects of anticipation and prevention of complication in individual sub-specialities, and the second day for recognition and management. The third day will be devoted to complications pertaining to the spine. We propose additional modules on: 1) My worst nightmare 2) How I “would not” do it and how I “would have done it differently” 3) Complications in my first years of practice (by a young neurosurgeon) versus Complications in my last years of practice (by some senior most) 4) Complications due to technology or equipment – a) failures and mishaps (this can be addressed by manufacturers of these equipment or neurosurgeons using them) b) adopting technology in a safe manner (innovation without injury) c) Emphasis on procuring adequate/systematic training to use these equipments We would appreciate if you can present the complication(s) faced by you to be marked in any of these sub-categories. You will be allowed 3-5 minutes to present your case. The panellist would perhaps elaborate on a similar Complication experienced by them and offer comments on your case. The moderator will interact between the presenter and the panellist, inviting comments, criticism and questions from them as well as the audience, and finally summarise the lessons learnt. Several such capsules of Complications will be packed under each sub-speciality session. Finally, as at the last ICCN, we will have some discussion on Ethical aspects, Philosophical considerations, Moral obligations, and Legal implications. The WFNS Education Committee will hold a special session by its Committee members in the late afternoon on the first day. We have already started receiving several abstracts for the upcoming meeting, and will appreciate your participation, timely submission of abstracts and suggestions on how you would like to see this program being conducted. Please feel free to suggest. Incidentally, selected Chapters from the proceedings of the 1st ICCN as well as those presented at the Complications session at the 16th World Congress of Neurosurgery in Istanbul have been edited in the form of a book printed by Springer Verlag which will be ready by the year end, and officially released at the 2nd ICCN. Welcome to Mumbai ! Prof. Dr. Keki Turel Chairman, 2nd ICCN

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