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2nd Stanmore In-depth MSK MRI Study Series 2019

  • Venue: London
  • Location: London
  • Start Date: February 19, 2019
  • End Date: December 2, 2019
  • CME Accredited: Yes
  • Places Available: 200
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  • A series of five practical, case-based, study days for Consultant Radiologists and Orthopaedic Surgeons organised by Infomed Research and Training in partnership with The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust. Series aim The series aims at providing Consultant Radiologists with an interest in MSK and Orthopaedic Surgeons, with a series of practical and stimulating and cutting-edge MSK MRI study days, each providing in depth coverage of a major anatomic division or joint. Workstation case-based learning with challenging cases covering a full range of pathologies Each study day is stand-alone to ensure that delegates get an in-depth specialist knowledge of each joint. Delegates can choose to attend one, some or all dates in the series. Target audience: The series is pitched at a level suitable for Consultant Radiologists and Orthopaedic Surgeons involved in interpreting MSK MRI in their clinical practice, and who are looking to excel in their knowledge and MRI interpretation skills in one or more specific joints, including Radiologists who are specialising or have specialised in MSK and are looking to develop further their skills in one or more specific joints. Sessions Lectures: short and sharp talks. Interactive cases: the session lead gives a brief introduction, encouraging a systematic approach to interpretation, and then takes delegates through each case; for each case, the session lead prompts delegates –working in pairs at iMac workstations– to interpret each case, and then –on the big screen– feeds back to the whole group, highlighting top tips and take-home messages. CPD Each course day provides 6 CPD credits in accordance with the CPD Scheme of the Royal College of Radiologists. For all 5 Days: 30 CPD credits. Stanmore Series days: Day 1: SHOULDER MSK MRI - Tuesday 19 February 2019 (40 delegates) Day 2: ELBOW, WRIST & HAND MSK MRI - Monday 8 April 2019 (40 delegates) Day 3: PELVIS & HIP MSK MRI - Wednesday 12 June 2019 (40 delegates) Day 4: KNEE MSK MRI - Wednesday 11 September 2019 (40 delegates) Day 5: FOOT & ANKLE MSK MRI - Monday 2 December 2019 (40 delegates) Delegates booking on All 5 Study Days are entitled to a complimentary copy of Musculoskeletal MRI, 2nd edition, made available at the first Study Day (20 Feb 2018) 

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Join TheConferenceWebsite here for more Conferences in your Medical Specialty