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ICRS Focus Meeting Thessaloniki | The Impact of Sports in Cartilage - How Much is Normal? 2021

  • Venue: Mediterranean Palace Hotel
  • Location: Thessaloniki View Map
  • Start Date: March 25, 2021
  • End Date: March 27, 2021
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  • We are honoured to welcome you in Thessaloniki to discuss "The Impact of Sports in Cartilage Health". We all understand the severity of the morbidity caused by cartilage injuries or posttraumatic - postsurgical osteoarthritis and we are happy to announce that in this special ICRS Focus Meeting we will all manage to get in-depth knowledge of the real problem, focusing on the mid and long term results of injury, or even no-injury!! Epidemiological and pathophysiological data will be presented with the surgical techniques that are already used worldwide for the treatment of cartilage lesions. Special credit will be paid in evidence-based rehabilitation and prevention, parallel to presentation of surgical or conservative treatment that can lead to a better outcome. Our main aim is that all the participants, at the end of the Focus Meeting, will understand the impact of sports in joint homeostasis and cartilage health, and we hope that we open the discussion regarding consensus of how much is optimal and what is the best treatment algorithm. In the meantime, delegates and faculty will have the time to enjoy the famous Greek hospitality in the emblematic city of northern Greece next to mountain Olympus and the birthplace of Alexander the Great. Museum visits, exceptional cuisine, and relaxing time everywhere inside this lively city, will add to the value of the scientific event. Hot Topics: Effect of activity in joint homeostasis Acute traumatic injuries in sports: what happens in the cartilage Chronic damage and early OA in athletes: any evidence? Treatment methodology to achieve better results Orthobiologics: the impact on reducing OA prevalence in sports Rehabilitation aspects towards achieving homeostasis Prevention - Prescription of exercise as "cartilage health tool" Treatment algorithm - Set the consensus Workshop for rehabilitation on cartilage cases

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Join TheConferenceWebsite here for more Conferences in your Medical Specialty