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Young Adults with Chronic Conditions: Optimizing Treatment and Transition from Pediatric to Adult Care 2020

  • Venue: Royal Sonesta Boston
  • Location: Cambridge View Map
  • Start Date: March 2, 2020
  • End Date: March 4, 2020
  • CME Accredited: Yes
  • Places Available: 330
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  • Strategies, best practices, and tools for state-of-the-art care and transition of young adults with chronic conditions This special program provides education to optimize: • Clinical approaches to care of adolescents and young adults with chronic conditions, mental illness, autism, physical disabilities • The transition of these patients to—and acceptance of these patients into—adult care: timing, assessment, checklists, legal and insurance considerations NEW in 2020, this program also provides guidance to: • Find adult providers • Approach reimbursement • Promote self-management and advocacy • Ensure successful transfer Optimized Clinical Approaches • Updates for a wide range of chronic conditions • Strategies to support patients with mental illness • Care for the pregnant patient with chronic disease • Best practices for patients with autism • State-of-the-art approaches to manage chronic pain in young adults • Current approaches to substance abuse in young adults • What to screen for in a young adult cancer survivor • Screening for high-risk behaviors and their impact on chronic illness • Addressing sexual health and fertility with young adults who have chronic conditions • Differentiating treatment as patients age Transitioning Patients To and Accepting Patients Into Adult Care Practices • Timing: when to begin the process of integrating young adults into adult care • Evidence-based approaches to prepare patients for adult care • How to expediently teach self-management skills • Understanding unique needs of patients with pediatric-acquired illness • Preventing adverse health outcomes as patients move to adult care • Best practices to utilize team-based care to optimize the transition • Advocacy and healthcare reform in transition care • Encouraging adherence through shared decision-making: when, why, how • Devising and implementing effective transition policies and training • Developing individualized transition plans • Transition timing and tracking of progress • Accommodating young adults with developmental disabilities in your setting • Assessing functional capacity to determine need for guardianship • Social determinants of health in chronic disease management • Development of a community health worker program • Current approaches to preventive counseling and anticipatory guidance Helping Patients with Self-Care and Advocacy • Independent living • Self-management • Self-advocacy • Decision-making • Information sharing • Effective communications • Patient self-advocacy with insurance companies and other care providers • Transition to college/community living

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Join TheConferenceWebsite here for more Conferences in your Medical Specialty